The Magic of Understanding Personality Styles

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Alina | Psychodynamic Psychology


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In my work as a psychologist clients sometimes gasp and ask me “How did you know that? Can you read my mind?”

What I actually did in 90% of cases was relying on my superpower as a psychologist: recognising patterns.

In my training to become a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I’m being trained in different areas of pattern recognition. There are inner conflicts and defense mechanisms but the domain of patterns I want to help you understand in this post are recognizing personality styles.

We all have our own often-repeated ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Our personality is the source of our strengths and weaknesses. And it affects all key areas of our life: our relationships, work, emotions, self-control, and how we see the world.

Even though our personality is as unique as a fingerprint, clinicians and researchers have managed to identify a certain number of personality styles.

Being trained in recognising and understanding those personality styles has helped me understand both myself and my clients (and given me and them those moments that feel like *magic*).

In this post I want to introduce you to: you what personality is, what personality styles there are, how to recognize them, and share helpful resources.

But before we dive in: are you curious to learn more about your own personality style? Let me first tell you it’s tough to recognize our own personality style. Because, well, “fish don’t know they’re in water.” — David F. Wallace.

But luckily I found help.

My Favourite Personality Style Test

The NPSP25 is my favourite personality style test (use the code “AM10“ to get 10% off).

It allows about normal people like you and I to understand our unique combination of personality…